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* SALE * Taupe and white print 'kitchen' lampshade

£19.00 (Sold out)

This small but perfectly formed lampshade has been made using a 100% cotton fabric, the deep taupe background has a lovely white and black flowers with scroll detail. Around its 'waist' is ribbon of deep raspberry pink velvet ribbon, tied with a purple wool button.
The 'kitchen' style of lampshade was originally designed with a removeable cover so that it could easily be washed - considered important before spotlights or other hidden lights appeared in kitchens. However they have now reappeared today in the best kitchens and other rooms just because they are so nice to look at, as well as giving out a lovely glow of light in any room!
The covers are stitched along one side seam, have elastic in the top and base seams to create the openings from which the light shines. The shade cover is then pulled over the frame, drawn in and tied at the waist producing pleats around the frame. As the shades are not lined, the light also shines through the fabric really showing off any pattern.
Please note all our kitchen lampshade covers are treated with fire resistant spray and we recommend a 40watt bulb.
Dimensions: 14.5cm, diameter of base: 19.5cm, diameter of top: 10.5cm. White enamel frame.