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Beautiful vintage dark pink chiffon lampshade

£110.00 (Sold out)

This is a beauty there is no denying it and I am finding it hard to sell! This shade has an unsual frame shape, oval, but with cut edges (see images). The deep dusky pink chiffon has been pleated and drawn down the frame and then decorated with a fabulous dark bronze/gold intricate trim. This has been placed down each strut and around the top and base. In addition, the bobble trim is really superb - gold/bronze heavy balls underneath the dark bronze trim and surrounded by a golden double looped fringe. Inside the shade has been lined with a wonderful pink satin, really sumptuous. This shade has a duplex ring which means you can use it as a ceiling lamp (you will need a spider fitting for this, they are available in this shop) or as a desk or small standard lamp (a shade carrier comes with this shade for you). This is a really fantastic shade, and it will look amazing wherever it is.
Size: height including trim - 33cm, width top - 20.5cm, top front to back - 14.5cm, width base - 38cm, base front to back - 26cm.
Vintage condition - the chiffon and lining are very slightly baggy in some areas but you wouldn't really notice. One tiny mark on the outside, again you have to struggle to find it, and all areas of the trim are in very good condition for an antique classic shade. Dont miss this one!