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Classic Vintage Chartreuse Chiffon Lampshade

£54.00 (Sold out)

This lampshade has been made by using the wonderful chartreuse chiffon fabric - pulled and pleated across a frame that is a large waisted empire frame.  It is also fluted across the base ensuring the wow factor for any room!  The measurements of the base versus the top mean that it flares out giving a dramatic look for any vintage interior space.  This has been made for a standard lamp, but you could use it as a ceiling pendant (with a spider fitting).  The lining is cream but is inside the internal struts.  The gimp at the top edge is a yelow/gold braid and the fringing on the base is a 6cm looped fringe in matching colour.  One thing is for sure - this shade will draw attention!
Vintage condition: externally, this shade looks in good condition, one or two little white marks but not that you would notice.  Inside, the lining is marked in places but they are small and of no great significance.  The frame inside has parts exposed by the white plastic covering not being intact but these are consumerate with age and not visible from the outside.  Not in bad condition for its age!
Size: height: 46cm, top diameter: 23.5cm base diameter: 60cm. This shade comes with a duplex fitting and therefore will need either a shade carrier to fit a standard lamp, or a spider fitting for a ceiling fitting