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Coral red/pink pleated oval vintage lampshade

£54.00 (Sold out)

This lampshade is lovely, it has red pleated chiffon running up and down sectionally around an oval frame, and has been lined in pale pink fabric, and hails from a stately home. The trim around the top is copper in colour and is intricate in design, and around the base is the same trim with added plump pompom bobbles in cream. The fitting is a UK one just perfect for a desk/table lamp or small standard floor lamp. However there are issues here in that this shade has clearly spent its former life in a sunny position as one side has  faded to a paler coral than the other which is a darker pink. Also there are a couple of bobbles missing (see image) one on the side, another on the faded side of the shade (all reflected in price here). However, this is still a wonderful lampshade and on a table you will see just one brighter side of it!
Size; Height - 26cm and 29.5cm including trim, top side to side - 21cm, front to back - 14cm. Base - side to side - 37cm, front to back - 23.5cm.
Vintage condition - as well as the above, the lining could be cleaner in places and there are chips of white paint off the metal light fitting but the price reflects these issues, and its still lovely!