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Extra large dusky pink chiffon vintage lampshade


This shade came as one of three in a set (see image) but we are selling them separately. The pink chiffon has been pleated into a cemtrol 'rose' clinch on both sides of the shade. Down the middle is a woven pink trim which has also been used along the top ring and the base, scalloped ring. In addition the base trim has silky bobbles. This shade is not lined, therefore the dusky pink colour glows into the room when lit. It has a duplex fitting meaning it can be used as a ceiling shade (you will need a spider fitting for this (available from this shop) or for a standard lamp (as in photos,you will need a shade carrier for this). These shades are classic from mid last century and appear in TV programmes such as Downton Abbey or Agatha Christie's Miss Marple as typical of that era. Today they give a vintage vibe to any interior! Quite wonderful.
Size - HUGE! height - 57cm-  base ring diameter - 56.5cm - top ring diameter - 28.5cm
Vintage condition - very good - one or two tassels missing but you wouldn't notice with this size shade!