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Golden yellow vintage standard lampshade

£48.00 (Sold out)

We are not sure exactly how old this shade is, but it is probably newer than most here. However, it has such a classic vintage shape, it was hard to resist! The frame is a bowed empire, and across it is stretched a golden yellow fabric, a rather slubby silky fabric. The shade is not lined which ensures that the light really shines through the front as opposed to just up and down, and therefore it genuinely adds warmth and ambience to any room. This shade has a lovely trim, a braid and a swagged ribbon in three layers.  At the base there are also golden tassels and a double looped fringe.  There is a duplex fitting on this shade, which means it will require a shade carrier for a standard lamp, or a spider fitting if it is to be used as a ceiling (pendant) shade.
Size: top diameter - 23.5cm, base diameter 45cm, Height - 34.5cm
Vintage condition: as mentioned above, we are unsure of the age of this shade but it is in great condition! no visible marks or flaws