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Huge 1970's vintage lampshade

£68.00 (Sold out)

This is one humdinger of a lampshade.  Made, we believe, in the 1970's this is flower power at its best.  Made using vibrant fabric, the colours of orange red and pinks come together in a floral fest meaning a big shout in your house!  The shade is 'waisted' and is oval too.  Trimmed at the top in a traditional braid, there is a more complex fringing at the base.
This shade is extremely heavy but that means its frame is sturdy and robust.  This lampshade is lined in a cream colour and has four struts. It is suitable for a standard lamp or ceiling fitting, you will need a spider fitting for the latter.
Vintage condition:  this shade has its problems but they are easily forgiven simply becuase of its sheer audacity in size and colour. The inner lining is a little stained and marked although obviously you don't see that!  The outside cover has areas of wear and a small tear along the strut (please see image for detail) and the trim is shabby too in places, BUT we think you will wholeheatedly agree that you are buying a piece of lampshade heaven here, warts and all.
size: Height - 43cm, width - 52cm, depth - 40cm. This shade has a duplex fitting and therefore will require a shade carrier for standard lamps or a spider fitting for ceiling shades - both available from this shop.