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Huge amazing vintage twist lampshade

£88.00 (Sold out)

An amazing lampshade - really made by having this huge frame, which is scalloped and large across the base, and small across the top ring. Stretched across with a diagonally pleated rich yellow chiffon, this hails from mid last century. Inside the silky lining has sadly split in places but this is such a rare antique find, it still has so much worth. When lit, the yellow light ommited is warm and wonderful. This shade has a duplex fitting meaning it can be used either as a pendant ceiling shade (you will need a spider fitting for this), or as a standard lamp (you will need a shade carrier for this) - we would advise the latter in respect of the lining. The top trim is a gold braid and the base trim has lovely baubles in gold too. A fabulous find!
Height - 45cm, base circumference 57.5cm, top diameter - 23.5cm.
Vintage condition - the outside is good with only one small area that has a small tear in the chiffon, the inside however has a split lining, You could remove this but we thought we would leave it intact for you to decide. A total classic.