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Huge floral vintage standard lampshade

£65.00 (Sold out)

This lampshade is huge and quite heavy too! but this means it will sing out in your room! It is a very pretty lampshade, with a classic and traditional English country fabric (Sanderson perhaps) - a creamy white background, with roses in shades of pink, white and pale mauve, with green leaves all meandering across the shade. The large frame is a waisted empire style, and it has a gallery at the base with a scalloped finish whereas at the top, the ring is octaganol. This lampshade is not lined, but often the floral shades were made like this, so that when lit, the floral pattern shone out into the room. The top trim is a bound gimp in cream and ligh green, whereas the base trim has an extra a single silky fringe trim.
Size: Height: 46cm at highest point, diameter of base: 56.5cm, diameter of top: 28cm.
Vintage condition: one or two of the tiny silky fringes are missing but you would never notice and apart from that it is in great condition - a real gem!