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Large floral vintage standard lampshade

£69.00 (Sold out)

This is a very large lampshade with a case diameter of almost 60cm! It has a classic english coutnry fabric design - of pale and darker pink roses, blue and pink daisies and their green leaves on a backgorund of off white. The colourway is pretty but mutued, and when lit, gives off a lovely warm soft light - although this shade is not lined, and therefore the pattern does shine out. The top of the shade has a cream gimp and the base, a double looped silky fringe. The frame is a classic waisted empire, with scallop base ring, and is perfect to be paired with a standard lamp stand - the fitting is a fixed UK one only (meaning it cant be used as a ceiling/pendant shade). Really lovely.
Size: Height: 43cm, diameter base: 58cm, diameter top: 25cm.
Vintage condition: small dark mark on one area of the outside (barely visible), the base trim is shabby in one area (see image) but overall in good condition