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Orange pleated vintage lampshade

£68.00 (Sold out)

This orange chiffon fabric has been pleated to perfection for this lampshade, and has been lined with orange too and trimmed in a lovely tassel trim around the base. The shade has a UK light fitting and is ideal for a large lampbase or small standard floor lamp. When lit, the colour is wonderful - sunny and bright. The frame is oval in shape, scalloped around the base and has a collar near the top which is also trimmed in braid.
Size - Height - 27cm, 30cm including tassel trim, top side to side - 14.5cm, front to back - 12cm, base side to side - 32cm, front to back - 25cm
Vintage condition - one or two tiny white spots on the outside (barely visible) and inside the metal light fitting has missing white paint but overall it is in very good condition.