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Raspberry Chiffon Vintage Lampshade

£52.00 (Sold out)

This is a spectacular lampshade from the mid last century with classic chiffon in the fan pleating style.  A large shade, this is wonderful on a vintage standard lamp. and when lit adds a wonderful warm and superb light (see images). The chiffon is fanned up and down the shade, and it has been topped with a complex bronze colour trim and tailed with the same braid but with added creamy pom-pom tassels.  Inside, the lining is pinky cream and it has been stretched inside the shade to act as the background to the shimmery chiffon on the outside. The shade has a large lamp fitting and if you wish to use this on a ceiling you can but require a spider fitting. The frame at the top has 8 sides, all the same size, and does the base.
Vintage condition: there are a few issues here but nothing to override the sheer beauty of this shade! the outside: some chiffon in parts is a little dirty but not very noticeable, on the inside there are water marks staining  around the base and the frame fitting has some white covering that has come away exposing the metal frame - only to be expected for its age. To us though, this does not distract from the wonder that this shade is!
Size: height: 42cm, top diameter: 29.5cm base diameter: 53cm. This shade comes with a duplex fitting and therefore will need either a shade carrier to fit a standard lamp, or a spider fitting for a ceiling fitting.