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Three Horse & Hound small lampshades

£30.00 (Sold out)

These three small clip on lampshades have the classic design of the traditional hunting, shooting, fishing school. Found originally in many pubs and country houses, they have images on opposite sides, handwritten script (interestingly in French!) and the classic red velvet-type fabric on the others.  Two of these shades have images of a man on horseback in his red hunting jacket, surrounded by his hounds, and the third has a man and a woman riding along the hunt.  We are not sure of the age of these, they are perhaps newer than some of our shades, as they are constructed from a manmade lining and the printing is on a paper or plastic background. Nevertheless, they are topped and tailed with a golden ribbon and double looped fringing, and have inner metal clip-on light fittings, which are quite wide and therefore would fit across a round shaped bulb as opposed to the candle bulb.
Size: top diam: 9cm, base diameter: 14cm, height: 11.5cm
Vintage condition: we are unsure of the age of these shades, they are most likely reproductions of the traditional English shades of the countryside. However they are in great condition. Price is tor the three shades.