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Vintage lampshade - autumn classic

£49.00 (Sold out)

This lovely lampshade has a great autumnal fabric stretched across the frame. With a cream background, the fabric is patterned with light and dark brown flowers, leaves and tendrils.  The shape of this frame is wonderful - fluted top lighlighted with a soft trim, and a perfect round base with silky tassel fringing.  Wonderful.  There is no lining to this shade but then it was made thus so that the pattern zings out when lit.
Vintage condition - there are watermarks in parts of the shade - mainly the top (see image) which while cant be ignored, would hardly put someone off its vintage pedigree.  The top trim is tired in places too but not very noticeable.  There are 12 struts to this frame - making it a sturdy lampshade with lots of life left in it.
Size: Height - 40cm, base diameter - 53cm, top diameter - 32cm