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Vintage Lampshade - Large oval floral

£48.00 (Sold out)

A beautiful oval lampshade that is wider than its height.  Think British country house here and you get the picture - a wonderful classic early-mid 20th century floral fabric has been used on the outside, and inside the shade has been lined with a lovely cream soft fabric.  There is a braid on the top and a complex tassel trim on the base - all lovely and a very unusual shade, we havent seen one like this before.
Vintage condition: rather good - small stain and small tear in the lining, slight spotting on the outside, but not that you would notice, and some of the tassels are loose but only in keeping with age and personality!
Size: Height - 28cm, width - 51cm, depth - 40cm. This shade comes with a duplex fitting and therefore will need either a shade carrier to fit a standard lamp, or a spider fitting for a ceiling fitting