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Vintage pale blue chiffon standard lampshade

£55.00 (Sold out)

A really wonderful classic chiffon lampshade in excellent condition.  This shade was made to fit a standard lamp and is a really beautiful example of the work that went into these hand sewn shades. The outside is made up of pale blue chiffon expertly pleated down the frame, and has been topped with a luxurious trim made from velvet in matching blue, with a cream contrast ribbon. At its base is the same trim but with silky cream tassles.  The inside lining is a silky cream and is also in excellent condition.
Although made for a standard lamp, this shade can be converted to a ceiling pendant shade with a spider fitting.
Oval in shape, scalloped design.
Size: Height - 42.5cm, at widest at base: 49cm, widest at top: 24cm